The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation: Drinkable Book

In this segment from "The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation" you'll learn about the Drinkable Book project.


Cnn GPS Fareed zakaria: last look: Drinkable Book


Smithsonian american history museum lemelson center inventive minds: theresa Dankovich

Theresa Dankovich invented a bacteria-killing water filter that is made of biodegradable paper embedded with silver nanoparticles.


Al Jazeera America: The Drinkable Book Holds Promise of Safe Water


American Chemical Society: The Drinkable Book could save lives

Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D. Post doc at Carnegie Mellon University. Human consumption of bacterially contaminated water causes millions of deaths each year throughout the world-primarily among children. While studying the material properties of paper as a graduate student, Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D., discovered and developed an inexpensive, simple and easily transportable nanotechnology -based method to purify drinking water.

Unilever China: the chinese version of the Safe Water Book   

Folia Filters were printed with AR technology to tell the story of the importance of clean water with Unilever China.


Think Tech Hawaii: Drinking Water For The Developing World

Dr. Theresa Dankovich and her colleagues have developed an inexpensive water filter system - think of your standard drip coffee maker - where the paper is impregnated with silver nanoparticles that decontaminate the water passing through. These filter have potentially huge potential to address the needs of the ~660 million people around the world who lack access to safe drinking water.

Product Overview


How Folia Filters work to provide safe drinking water.


Folia Filter Demo in Honduras

filter Distribution in South Africa

In September 2016, Folia Water worked with the nonprofit Shoulder to Shoulders in rural Honduras to hand out filters to households. Here, a mother is showing us how she uses her Folia Filter.

In August 2016, Folia Water conducted a consumer field trial in South Africa by handing out filters to 50 households in rural Western Cape Province.


Folia Water Animated

Overview of Folia Filters

South African Lab Work

Prepping samples for analyses in South Africa