Social Enterprise

low-to-middle consumers

Folia Water's target market are the 3 billion people in countries throughout the world who make between $2 and $10/day.  These low-income people collectively spend $20 billion on water, typically overpaying for bottled water or soda.  Our vision is for our Folia Filters™ to be sold as a staple in retail stores in low and middle income countries throughout the world.  Folia Filters™ are designed to be affordable for low-income consumers around the world, providing these consumers with the agency to afford their own safe water. 



Folia Water is a social enterprise and a Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation. As such, we operate according to a triple bottom line: People, Planet, & Profit


  • Provide safe water to billions in the developing world at a price they can afford. 
  • Create jobs and opportunities in the developing world for small business retailers as well as local and regional suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution partners. 


  • Prevent the environmental impacts associated with current methods of purifying water (burning wood for boiling water, or using harmful chemicals such as chlorine).
  • Ensure that all Folia Filters use ethically-sourced wood pulp and are biodegradable and recyclable at end-of-life. 
  • Locally source materials when possible to minimize carbon footprint. 


  • Sustainable scalable solutions require financial sustainability.
  • Our aim is for Folia Filters to be sold in stores throughout low and middle income countries, which requires that Folia Water and our products are profitable to our investors, our distributors, and their downstream retailers.