A Social Enterprise For Base of the pyramid markets


More than 4 billion people live at the base of the economic pyramid, with less than $1,500 in annual income per capita. These 4 billion people are the most underserved human population; as such, they often lack financial and physical access to life-saving technologies, medicines, and safe drinking water. 



Folia Water is a social enterprise and a Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation. As such, we operate according to a triple bottom line: People, Planet, & Profit



  • Provide safe water to billions in the developing world at a price they can easily afford. 
  • Create jobs and opportunities in the developing world for micro-entrepreneur retailers as well as local and regional suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution partners. 
  • Catalyze economic development everywhere that Folia Water operates: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cape Town, and more. 


  • Prevent the environmental impacts associated with current methods of purifying water (burning wood for boiling water, or using harmful chemicals such as chlorine).
  • Ensure that all Folia Filters use ethically-sourced wood pulp and are biodegradable and recyclable at end-of-life. 
  • Locally source materials when possible to minimize carbon footprint. 


  • Make a sustainable profit to reinvest in scaling Folia Water's efforts worldwide.
  • Reinvest in research & development of new technologies to improve lives in Base of the Pyramid markets. 
  • Give generously to good causes and NGO partners in the developing world. 

Folia Water is proud to partner with BoP Hub. BoP Hub was established in 2011 with a vision to design business to end poverty. A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, BoP Hub's mission is to catalyze and strengthen cross-sector collaboration and participation in social entrepreneurship.