Scientific innovation

Years in the making

Theresa Dankovich, PhD, invented germ-killing nano-silver coated paper filters as the focus of her doctoral work in Chemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Canada between 2008 and 2012. Her invention uses non-toxic reagents and renewable materials. She showed at the lab-scale that nano-silver paper filters were highly effective at eliminating bacteria.

From the lab into the world

For her post-doctoral research at University of Virginia in 2013, she successfully field tested the filters in rural Limpopo, South Africa. Since 2014, Dr. Dankovich and her partners have field tested her filters in Ghana, Honduras, Bangladesh, Kenya, China, and Haiti, showing repeatedly that they can purify many types of polluted water, including well water, streams, rivers, ponds, springs, and even gray water.

The next challenge was to create culturally appropriate filter holders for international markets that would ensure correct and consistent use of the filters. Working with a variety of international partners, Dr. Dankovich and Dr. Jonathan Levine (Folia Water's cofounder and CEO) field-tested various filter holder designs and collected feedback from potential customers in Bangladesh, Honduras, and South Africa.

From technology to product

In 2016 Folia Water tested a variety of product designs, performed extensive customer testing, and scaled to industrial production. Folia can now manufacture its Folia Filters™ at industrial scale. The Keystone Funnel™ was developed as a filter holder that fits with nearly any household water container: cups, buckets, two-liter soda bottles, larger bottles or jugs, jerry cans, or kolshis. 

Folia Water is a wholesale technology manufacturer of paper filters: our business model is to sell large volumes of our Folia Filters to international consumer goods distributors who have the expertise and know-how to handle local distribution.