How to use a Folia Filter

The silver in Folia Filters kills bacteria and viruses, while the paper pores physically screen out dirt and larger parasites including protozoa. 

The Folia Funnel allows handsfree use with most household water containers: glasses, 2 liter soda bottles, water pitchers, kolshis, 20 liter bottles…

The Folia Filter is folded into a cone and placed inside the Folia Funnel.  A 2 liter soda bottle is then placed on the Folia Funnel and the customer can then walk away once the bottom container is stabilized with a small amount of water.  

Water drains through the paper in about 20 to 30 minutes from just gravity alone.  The water in the upper bottle keeps water flowing continuously, without the need to keep adding water.  

Step 1: Fold the Folia Filter into a cone

  • Fold the circle of paper in half and form a crease. Fold in half again and crease to produce a quarter circle.

  • Open the paper to form a cone.

  • TIP: The filter does not work if it is cut, taped, or glued because it is difficult to form a water tight seal. For germs to be killed, water must pass through the paper. It will not work if, for example, there are small holes from cutting or gluing the paper.

Step 2: Place the folded cone into the Folia Funnel

  • Place the cone in a funnel.

  • Folia's Folia Funnel has been designed to fit the cone exactly, so that water does not go up and over the paper.

  • Place the lid on the Folia Funnel.

  • Twist to lock in place. A snap can be felt and heard to provide reassurance that the lid is completely locked in place.

Step 3: Screw the Folia Funnel onto an empty soda bottle

  • The Folia Funnel connects two bottles: a clean empty bottle and a bottle containing dirty water.

  • First place the narrow bottom of the funnel on top of the empty bottle. The funnel can sit on a base/lid if needed depending on the container.

  • The wider lid should be facing up.

Step 4: Flip the Folia Funnel and attach it to the bottle of dirty water

  • Flip the empty bottle and Folia Funnel over

  • Screw the Folia Funnel's lid onto the bottle of dirty water



Step 5: Do "The Flip"

  • In one motion, quickly flip the two bottles over

  • Hold the bottom bottle for the first 30 seconds or minute until enough water has filtered through to keep it stable

  • The water in the bottom will provide stability allowing the user to walk away.

  • 2 liters of water filters through in about 20-30 minutes