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Interested in distributing Folia Filters?

Folia Water is a wholesale technology manufacturer of paper filters: our business model is to sell large volumes of our Folia Filters to distributors who have the expertise and know-how to handle local distribution.  Folia aims to partner with commercial, entrepreneurial, social enterprise, and NGO distribution partners capable of handling marketing and localization including product positioning, messaging, supply chain, last mile distribution, etc. 




Hands-free water filtration


  • Designed to allow hands-free water purification using Folia Filters™

  • Can be used with any common household water container: cups, water jugs, glasses, soda bottles, jerry cans, buckets, etc.

           FOLIA FILTERS™           50 Pack

  • Safe germ-free water for a family for a week

  • Kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria

  • Physically screens out parasites

  • Patent-pending technology is the result of 10 years of scientific research

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