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Commercial distribution inquiries

Folia Water is an OEM technology manufacturer of paper filters: our business model is to sell large volumes of our Folia Filters to master distributors who have the expertise and know-how to handle importation and local consumer retail distribution.  Qualified master distributors must have a demonstrated history of marketing localization including product positioning, messaging, supply chain, consumer retail trade, etc.


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  • Safe germ-free water at FMCG pricing: 20¢ for 20 liters MSRP

  • Silver kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses

  • Paper pores physically screen out dirt and parasites

  • Patent-pending technology is the result of 10 years of scientific research



Hands-free water filtration

  • Designed to allow hands-free water purification using Folia Filters™

  • Can be used with any common household water container: cups, water jugs, glasses, soda bottles, jerry cans, buckets, etc.

  • Low or no cost with purchase of the Folia Filter: razor-razor blade pricing

  • Local pricing for funnels, typically about 20¢

Commercial distributors should contact Folia at info AT foliawater.com with a short email containing commercial qualifications.