Paper for Pennies, Water for Billions

Folia Water has created the world's first consumer goods water filter: Folia Filters™.  Our global vision is to reach the 1.8 billion people who consume microbiologically contaminated drinking water as well as the 2 billion people who pay the poverty penalty: overpaying in time, energy, or money to obtain safe drinking water. Lack of clean water is catastrophic for public health: diarrheal illnesses kill more than 500,000 children a year. 

Folia Filters™ kill waterborne pathogens at a price that is affordable to even those who make $1-10/day.  Our filter papers are designed to fit into either a regular plastic funnel or our Keystone Funnel™. The Keystone Funnel™ allows users to walk away and leave a 2 liter bottle of dirty water to drain through a Folia Filter into any household water container including a soda bottle or jerry can. The Keystone Funnel is designed to be simple to use, effective, and culturally appropriate, minimizing customers' setup time and not requiring them to buy a special water bottle. 

Folia Water's customer base comprises an esteemed group of nonprofits, church groups, water charities, Rotary groups, universities, and  small business owners in over 40+ countries around the globe.

Currently, Folia Water is scaling up paper production,  manufacturing operations, and exploring new product features. 

We aim to promote human welfare through innovation to reduce waterborne disease, one Folia Filter at a time.



Teri is Chief Technology Officer and Chairwoman of Folia Water. She has a B.S. in fiber science from Cornell, an M.S. in agricultural and environmental chemistry from UCDavis, a Ph.D. in chemistry from McGill, and postdocs at the Center for Global Health at University of Virginia and civil and environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Her doctoral and postdoctoral work has been the invention, laboratory, and field testing of Folia Filters. She created Folia Water to bring her invention out of the lab to those who in need of clean water.


Jonathan is President and Chief Executive Officer of Folia Water. He has a B.A. in history and mathematics and an M.S., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in earth and environmental engineering from Columbia University. He worked on African water supply for the U.N. Millennium Villages Project for his masters research. His 16 academic publications address global environmental problems, including disposing of billions of tons of CO2 pollution, deep sea oil spills, and the clathrate gun hypothesis. He and Teri formed Folia Water to build a social enterprise able to reach 1 billion people with their inventions.

Some day he would like to pave underneath the deep ocean seafloor with 1 billion tons a year of CO2 hydrate. 

The Team


JB works his "dream job", developing NGO partnerships for Folia Water. He has always had a desire to serve others and give back to the global community. Part of this identity came from being a volunteer firefighter for the past fifteen years. At Folia Water, JB "found it all": service, innovation, entrepreneurship, and travel. 

He is an aspiring stoic, firefighter, cook, ballroom dancer, traveler, builder, lover of the outdoors, book nerd, ENFP Engineer, and lifelong learner.  We're sure of one thing: he's our biggest fan!


Pam, our Business Manager, was looking to work at a company that she could be passionate about and believe in.  She had been acutely aware of the problem of lead in Pittsburgh's water, and was instantly intrigued when she learned about Folia Water and our international work.  Pam is Folia's chief internal advocate for our aim of developing a filter paper that removes lead and other metals from water. 


Fabian is our Vice President of Engineering and handles all things plastic and mechanical engineering for Folia. He graduated with a B.S. from Columbia and an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University in mechanical engineering. Fabian tired of working in industry and helping customers like nuclear and defense contractors: he wanted to make things that actually helped people and joined Folia Water. When he's not here, he's biking, working on his car, playing with his dog, or traveling the Swiss alps. 


International Partners

Mark Williams, MBA - South Africa & Southern Africa

Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Mark received his B.A. in Political Studies from University of Cape Town, a Management Development Programme Diploma from University of Stellenbosch, and an MBL from University of South Africa. He has over 20 years of management experience in marketing, sales, and business development. An active Rotarian, Mark is currently serving his 2nd term as Assistant Governor for District 9350 (Western Cape, Angola, and Namibia). Mark is a Paul Harris Fellow, and Board Secretary of the South African Small & Medium Enterprises Federation. 

Brian Daubenspeck, MBA - Dominican Republic, Haiti, & the Caribbean

Based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Brian received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida where he also completed materials research for Siemens, the U.S. Navy and NASA.   After graduating, Brian returned home to Pittsburgh and began working as a Project Engineer at FedEx Ground.  During his time in Pittsburgh, Brian earned an MBA at Carnegie Mellon University concentrating primarily in Entrepreneurship and Economics. After working briefly as a business consultant in Pittsburgh, Brian moved to the Dominican Republic to work for himself as a freelance business consultant and eco-entrepreneur, working on a variety of projects from agriculture to sustainable tourism and now focusing on business development for Folia Water throughout the Caribbean. 

Arindam Som, MBA - India

Based in New Delhi, India. Arindam has 15 years of experience in household consumer goods and innovation at Unilever. He is currently developing the Amrit Pani™, a counter top water cooler design for Indian consumers that uses Folia Filters™ to provide germ-free water. The Amrit Pani™ won 2nd place at the 2016 Vibrant Gujarat competition. Arindam is a world-level expert on frugal innovation, go-to-market strategies for base of the pyramid markets, and market research.  His India-based market research team includes an ethnographer and product designer. His Singapore-based leadership team includes Jack Sim and Peter Ong, both of Base of the Pyramid Hub.