The world's first water filter that costs pennies, not dollars

Folia Water is a wholesale technology manufacturer of paper filters: our business model is to sell large volumes of our Folia Filters™ to international consumer goods distributors who have the expertise and know-how to handle local distribution.  Folia aims to partner with commercial, entrepreneurial, and social enterprise distribution partners capable of handling marketing and localization including product positioning, messaging, supply chain, and last mile distribution.

Folia Water's target consumers are the 3 billion people in countries throughout the world who make between $2 and $10/day.  These low-income people collectively spend $20 billion on water, typically overpaying for bottled water or soda.  Folia Filters™ are designed to be affordable for low-income consumers around the world, providing these consumers with the agency to afford their own safe water. 

Our vision is for our Folia Filters™ to be sold as a staple in retail stores throughout low and middle income countries.


Teri Dankovich, Ph.D.


Chief Technology Officer

Teri has a B.S. in Textiles and Fiber Science from Cornell University, an M.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry from University of California in Davis, a Ph.D. in Chemistry from McGill University, and completed postdoctoral research at the Center for Global Health at University of Virginia and Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Her doctoral and postdoctoral work has been the invention, laboratory, and field testing of Folia Filters. She created Folia Water to bring her invention out of the lab to those who are in need of clean water. Teri leads product development and manufacturing. 

Jonathan Levine, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan has a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University. Part of his Ph.D research was designing a water purification system for the back of pickup trucks for Africa for the U.N. Millennium Villages Project.  His vision is for Folia Filters™ to be sold on every retail store shelf in the developing world, bought along with bread, milk, eggs, and soap. As CEO, Jonathan has a role in all parts of the company including product, operations, sales, and funding. 


Philip Kang profile.jpg


Head of Business development

Philip previously worked as a management consultant at Nomura where he advised Asian startups and multinational corporations on business model development, and expansion and cross-border business strategies. At Nomura he started and led a new industry-specific team, growing it to an 8 person team with $5 million in revenue under his leadership. He left Nomura to get his MBA from Columbia Business School with the aim of either starting or joining a social enterprise. Philip helped lead Folia's Columbia Tamer Social Venture Fund MBA due diligence team, and decided to join Folia after graduating. 





Pramod John is CEO of VIVIO Health, a company reinventing the therapeutic use and supply chain for the specialty drug space. He was formerly CEO of Oration, a venture-funded startup in healthcare transaction processing. Prior to this, he was VP of Strategy & Innovation at McKesson, the world’s largest healthcare services company.  Earlier, he founded two tech companies; one is now owned by Dell and the other by VMware.

With significant entrepreneurial and F500 business leadership experience, Pramod has a track record of strategic and operational success in both large scale and startup environments.  After launching his career in Silicon Valley technology, Pramod migrated to healthcare, an industry suffering from legacy systems and archaic transactional processes both of which contribute to gross inefficiencies.  Combining his technology background with more than a decade of healthcare experience, Pramod has a great deal of experience in understanding and optimizing businesses that range from very low margin distribution businesses to high margin software companies.

Justin 2.png


Justin is an early Internet pioneer and technology startup veteran. His last four companies: AboveNet, NetZero/United Online, Demand Media and Blackline Systems have all exited with $1 Billion + IPOs. He was responsible for architecting each company’s platform for global scale and preparing their data systems for Sarbox compliance. He founded The Internet Service Provider’s Consortium (the first trade association for ISPs) and was their Public Policy Director.

Justin is currently the founder and CEO of Netki. Netki’s products allow companies to make blockchain applications easy to use and able to meet regulatory/compliance requirements. Justin currently serves on the Industry/Law Enforcement Portal Working Group of the Blockchain Alliance and the State Legislative Working Group of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. He is also on the Board of Directors of Adra Match Software.


Tim is a serial software entrepreneur with a penchant for data analytics and big backends. His 20+ year technology career has included being a technical founder of 6 software companies. His last 3 companies have all been hardware companies. He is currently the CEO of ZeroPond and dcrASIC, cryptocurrency hardware companies.