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Folia Water Global

Bringing our patented nano-science technology and human-centric product design to solve the global safe drinking water problem. We aim to enhance the quality of life for working-class consumers worldwide by offering high-quality, affordable water filters.

The World's First Water Filter For Pennies, Not Dollars

Folia Water Filter


  • Patented Technology: Silverized antimicrobial paper water filter
  • Effective: Effective: Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.7% of viruses, while removing 99.99% of protozoa and 99.8% of iron.
  • Grocery Pricing: Sold at local grocery shops @ US$0.20 for 20 liters
  • Simple to Use: In 3 simple steps
  • No additional investments: No extra infrastructure required: No need for heat, pumps, or electricity



63,000 +

Direct Beneficiaries

47,000 +

Households reached

1.6 M +

Liters of Safe drinking water provided

2500 +

Grocery stores

Leveraging grocery stores for business and impact at scale

Business at scale by 2032

$976 Million +

Expected Gross Revenues

3 Million +

Stores in South Asia

12,000 Million +

Unit sales

Impact at scale by 2032

130 Million +

Beneficiaries with improved health

7k Lives +

Prevent Deaths and DALYs

$85 million +

Reduce economic burden

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